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  • Construction Update on the new middle school! The photo above was taken on October 5th. Click the image to see more.
  • As the new school year begins, take some time to check out these two great programs offered by our Avon Police Department. Click the image to learn more.

Message from the Superintendent

This is the second year Ohio is using a new report card to rate school districts. Avon’s report card grades for 2014 along with our designations from 2013 are listed below. Here is a link to the Ohio Department of Education website that provides an explanation of each grade:


Achievement Results – Indicators Met and Performance Index

• Indicators Met – A: We met all 24 Indicators. We earned this same rating last year.
• Performance Index – B: We had a performance index of 107.4. We were at 106.8 last year which is also a B (108 is an A).

Graduation Rate – The 4 year and 5 year graduation rate

• 4 Year Rate – A: Last year we earned an A as well.
• 5 Year Rate – A: Last year we earned an A as well.

Gap Closing –

• Gap Closing (AMO) – B: We scored 80.2%. Last year we scored 71.5% (70%-79.9% is a C)

Progress Data – These are measures of student growth (Value-Added Data) and we are rated in 4 areas

• Area 1 – Overall – A: As a district we exceeded expected growth. We earned an A last year as well.
• Area 2 – Gifted – A: Last year we met expected growth and earned a C.
• Area 3 – Lowest 20% statewide in reading and Math – B: Last year we met expected growth and earned a C.
• Area 4 – Students with Disabilities – B: Last year we met expected growth and earned a C.

We are proud of our results and the hard work that goes into achieving these ratings. We will continue to look at all of our data to identify how we can continue to be successful and improve as a district.

As always, if there are any questions, please contact us.

With Eagle Pride,

Mike Laub
Avon Local Schools

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, November 05 - Board Work Session
Thursday, November 13 - LPDC Meeting
Friday, November 14 - End of the First Trimester
Tuesday, November 18 - Board of Education Meeting

Avon PD Resources

CLICK HERE to read about the "Test My Teen" Drug Prevention Program and the "Teen Home Alone" Program sponsored by the Avon Police Department.

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