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Avon Local School District currently utilizes an online software system for parents to complete their child’s emergency medical information, emergency contacts, a media release, new phone number(s) and a parent verification “sign off” on routine policies. This must be completed by the first day of school, August 31st. A letter for each student was mailed to your home containing your student’s ID number and Date of Birth. The student’s ID number is used as the username. The student’s birthday is the password. Birthday’s are formatted in the following pattern: mm/dd/yyyy

CLICK HERE to complete the back-to-school documentation.

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 13 - No School - Teacher Inservice
Friday, October 14 - No School
Tuesday, October 18 - LPDC Meeting
Tuesday, October 18 - Regular Board of Education Meeting

Avon PD Resources

CLICK HERE to read about the "Test My Teen" Drug Prevention Program and the "Teen Home Alone" Program sponsored by the Avon Police Department.

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