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Looking Ahead to March and April at Heritage Elementary!


Welcome to our updated Heritage Elementary webpage. We hope that this site will be a helpful resource for our parents and students to learn more about the goings-on in third, fourth, and fifth grade. Here are a few updates as we turn our attention to the months of March and April and the upcoming state testing schedule!


One of the highlights of our school year is our annual “Science Night” which takes place on the North and South campus on Thursday, March 9th.  To coincide with the event all Heritage students will be participating in “Science Week” all week this week.  Students will be participating in a series of science-themed activities in their homerooms during the week. 

If you have not yet participated in “Science Week” in the past, we strongly encourage you considering attending.   Also, we would like to say “thank you” to any families that would consider car-pooling to help alleviate the congestion in the two parking lots.  This event is easily our most attended event of the entire school year, with the possible exception of Open House, as a result, we appreciate any consideration to help provide additional parking options for all attendees.

Next Wednesday (March 15th), we will have our monthly Booster meeting, which will again be held in the Heritage South Media Center at 7:00.  Also, next Wednesday, we will be recognizing many Heritage students for our next “Heritage Pride Day”.


As has been the practice in the past, I have begun receiving requests from parents regarding classroom placements for their child for the 2017-18 school year. Like last year, I will accept parent requests, however, due to the fact that last year I received close to 300 teacher requests last spring, I have found it necessary to change the classroom request policy.  Although I will accept requests, I cannot guarantee that your child will be placed in your requested classrooms due to a myriad of other factors, such a teacher suggestions, programming needs, and the sheer sizes of classrooms. The only placements that I will be able to guarantee next year will be the requests that are made to AVOID a particular classroom placement or to avoid placement with a particular classmate due to past concerns.  Rest assured, in absence of a parent request, I take great care to take the feedback from your child’s previous year teacher as well as the information from assessments to try my best to place students in classrooms according to their needs and unique learning styles. 





For those parents that make requests to avoid classroom placement with a particular current classmate, I feel confident that I can honor any request based on avoiding placement of your child with a particular student due to past concerns.  As mentioned in previous recent newsletters, I start working on class lists early, and as you can imagine, I go to great lengths to try to create the best learning environment for each classroom, which does take a great deal of time. To that end, I will not be accepting any request made after Friday, May 5th. Thank you for your consideration and understanding regarding this necessary change to the request policy.




Finally, we wanted to pass along a quick reminder that state testing is just around the corner.  A more detailed schedule specific to each teacher will be posted shortly, but generally speaking, the testing schedule will be as follows.  Please note, each test section is split into two parts.  As a result, students will be taking the AIR assessment for each subject in two smaller test windows each week. 




Our AIR testing will begin the week of March 20th, with the fifth grade students taking the AIR Reading Assessment.  The following week (week of March 27th), the fourth grade students will take the AIR Reading assessment.  The week of April 4rd will feature the third grade AIR Reading assessment, as well as the fifth grade AIR Science assessment.  On the week of April 10th, fourth grade students will take the Social Studies AIR assessment. 




When we return from Spring Break, we will close out the state testing calendar with the AIR Math assessments.  This will start with the third grade AIR assessment on Tuesday, April 25th, and the following three days.  The following two weeks (Week of May 1st  and May 8th) will feature the fourth and fifth grade AIR Math assessments.  Many of the make-up tests will also be scheduled during this two week window as well.  

Once again, thank you for visiting our updated site. Please do not hesitate to contact the school should you happen to have any questions or concerns regarding your child's continuing educational experience at Heritage Elementary. Thank you again for visiting our website!!!