Scheduling Information

Please note: For 8th graders who have signed up for PE and Foreign Languages

PE Class: All students are required to have one full year (2 semesters and .5 credit) of PE in order to graduate from the high school. We give 8th graders the opportunity to fulfill this requirement by taking the class during their 8th grade year. Students no longer receive waivers at the Middle school for playing interscholastic sports. Waivers are only granted for sports at the high school level. Two waivers fulfill the PE requirement, but do not give students the .5 credit they get when they actually take the class. If students choose to use waivers to opt out of taking PE class, they will need to make up the .5 credit during high school to have enough credits to graduate. This .5 credit can be earned by taking any class at the high school that provides credit. 

Foreign Languages: Students that have achieved lower grades in Language Arts, but have still met the requirements for a Foreign Language, would be the first ones to be dropped. In other words, if your child has straight B's to be eligible to take a Foreign Language but another student has straight A's, the student with the higher grades would likely stay in the selection.

Incoming 6th Graders:

Course request sheets (yellow paper) will be available on 2/6/18 during the Parent Info Night and more copies will be dropped off at Heritage sometime that week. Please circle whether your child is eligible and would like to take Honors Language Arts and whether they want to take an elective. All the other courses listed will be mass added to every student's schedule. Math placements will be determined by evaluating student grades and district and state-wide testing data. All course request sheets must be returned to your child's current homeroom teacher at Heritage by March 16th. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Guidance Department at AMS at (440)-934-3800. Thanks.