Click Here to see Bus Routes. (Updated 8/18/15)

Please be aware that the current posted routes are being updated. The posted routes can be used as a guideline for looking up your student(s) bus number and bus stop but we are currently updating times and some routes are being rerouted due to construction, traffic and other issues. We are pushing to have the corrected routes updated to the website by the end of October. Please feel free to contact the transportation department if you are new to the district and/or are just starting to utilize the bus service and need to know a more accurate time for your students bus stop.

Thank you for your patience as we update each driver’s route.


Use the following Key when deciphering bus routes:
EE = East Elementary
AMS = Avon Middle School (also includes Westlake Shuttle stops, see below for details)
HC = Heritage Campus
SHTL = Heritage North & South, Holy Trinity, St. Mary’s, St. Joseph, *Menlo Park and Birchwood
*(Please note, Menlo Park has been switched to the Heritage Shuttle and is no longer on the Middle School Shuttle)
AELC = Avon Early Learning Center (Kdg & Preschool)

Bus #24 will take St. Joes students to Avon Lake and then head to Birchwood School and then Menlo Park Academy.
Westlake Schools (St. Raphael, St. Paul and Ruffing Montessori will get on the bus with the Middle School bus stops and then Bus #35 will take the students to school.
Out of town buses (Menlo/Birchwood/Ruffing/St. Raph/St. Paul) will meet at Holy Trinity at 4:00 p.m. and Bus #24 and Bus #35 will take the students home.



The transportation policies of the Avon Board of Education are aimed at providing a safe, efficient, and economical method of getting students to and from school. It is the desire of the Avon Local School District that transportation be scheduled in a way that the best educational interest of the students can be served.

The safety and welfare of District students will be the first consideration in all matters pertaining to transportation. Details on bus safety as relating to safety precautions, weather conditions, passenger safety and emergencies, maintenance of operations, and related items of the transportation program are under Board Policy (File: EEAC).

The District furnishes transportation in compliance with State Law. This fact does not relieve parents of students from the responsibility of supervision until such time as the student boards the bus in the morning and after the student leaves the bus at the end of the school day.

The Transportation Office is located on the grounds of Avon Heritage North Elementary School.

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Transportation Director
Phone: (440) 937-0503

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Assistant Transportation Director
Phone: (440)937-0503