Registration is important as it allows us to create our rosters, track student enrollment and have all the necessary emergency and medical information on site for your child.  Therefore, registration is required for each new school year.  Our annual registration fee is $30.00.  Please follow the directions below to register for our program.  You will be contacted by the coordinator with a start date.  DO NOT send your child until you have been given a start date (typically 24-48 hours after registration).

Registration Instructions

Read all the Helpful Hints below BEFORE contacting the coordinator for assistance.

This year we have made the registration process even easier for you!  We will be collecting all the medical information, permission for pick-up, address and emergency contact information from the district forms you complete yearly.  You will ONLY need to complete the information needed for NEST.  We hope you appreciate us saving you one less form to complete with information we are now able to access from the district!  Please do make sure that all information with the district is accurate.


  • When it asks for an Access Code that equals your child's Student ID.  If you do not have your child's Student ID, please contact the coordinator OR your school office and the number can be provided.


  • You can use GUEST Checkout OR you can create a Local Level account for future purposes.

  • You will have to pay the registration fee at checkout in order to complete the process.

  • Click here for a Quick Guide to help with Registration questions.


Click here to register your child for Eagles N.E.S.T. at Avon Early Learning Center (AELC-KINDERGARTEN)


Click here to register your child for Eagles N.E.S.T. at Avon East (1st and 2nd grade)


Click here to register your child for Eagles N.E.S.T. at Heritage North Elementary (3rd, 4th and 5th grade)