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Avon Eagles & Their Families,

Beginning on Monday, March 22, 2021, Avon High School will be changing our school schedule to increase classroom instruction for our students.

How often will a student receive instruction?

Class will be held for all students four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

  • In-Person Students Last Names A-K:
    • Monday/Thursday on campus in classrooms;
    • Tuesday/Friday in classes virtually.
  • In-Person Students Last Names L-Z:
    • Tuesday/Friday on campus in classrooms;
    • Monday/Thursday in classes virtually.
  • Virtual Students: will be virtual Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

How did the school environment change? What safety protocols will be in place?

It did not. We are maintaining all of our safety protocols, which have proven to keep our students safe. We will continue to maintain six feet distancing in our classrooms. Our classrooms are not large enough to bring back all in-person learners and maintain distancing protocols.

What happens on Wednesdays?

The Ohio Department of Education along with the Federal Department of Education have determined students will still be required to take state assessments. State testing combined with COVID distancing protocols mandates our school to have “test dates” that will require us to close our campus and only host those who are testing. Thus, Wednesdays will be used as state test dates.

Teachers will also have an opportunity on Wednesdays to provide intervention to students. Those interventions will be scheduled by the classroom teacher or school counselor.

Can in-person students elect to join a class virtually vs come into the classroom?

No. This is only an option for students who are quarantined or have administrative approval. In-person students must attend class, in the classroom, when scheduled. Students who attend class virtually without administrative approval will not be considered in attendance.

How do I keep all of this new information straight?

See the detailed calendar for exact dates on when you or your student is attending class:

Click this Link

A final exam schedule for underclassmen and seniors will be forthcoming.


Mrs. Kristina Dobos Buller, & the AHS Administrative Team

Click Here for Virtual Classroom Standards & Expectations for Learners

"Test My Teen" Drug Prevention Program and the "Teen Home Alone" Program sponsored by the Avon Police Department.