Wellness/DPIA Plan

SWSF Plan 

We receive around $250K per year in Student Wellness and Success funds. We utilize our SWSF funds to pay for our MS Social Worker and East Elementary Psychologist. We partner with the ESC of Lorain County and LCADA Way to provide training and support for these staff members and district students. These staff members dedicate their time to providing various types of support to our students, including mental health, financial, educational, and more. 

In the future we may direct some of our funds to support salaries for nurses and school resource officers. 


We receive around $11K per year in Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aide. We partner with the ESC of Lorain County to pay a Truancy Officer. Our Truancy Officer gets referrals from building administrators when students have an excessive amount of hours missed. They meet with those students' families to create an intervention plan to mitigate absences or tardis. This helps with student dropout prevention because absenteeism is directly related to dropouts.