In the Avon Local School District we embrace our mission… To educate the whole student in an inclusive environment that inspires personal excellence. Our teachers, administrators and support staff are committed to learning and improving as we take on the challenge of providing a more innovative and progressive learning experience for our 4,400 students.  

Our Strategic Plan focuses on curriculum and staff development, community well being, culture, communications, capital assets and security.  The District also completed a proactive, comprehensive master-planning study of our campus facilities over the past year that identified needs and future planning.  

We are very fortunate to live in a community so supportive of our schools. We look forward to working with you - our students, families and community - in the upcoming school year!



Ben Hodge
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Deb Suhay
Administrative Assistant
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Avon Board of Education Offices
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Fax: 440-937-4688

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