Digital Citizenship

Each student in grades K-5 will take part in a series of developmentally-appropriate lessons adapted from the Common Sense Education digital citizenship curriculum. These lessons help our Eagles learn the habits and skills they need to use technology safely, respectfully, and responsibly in school, at home, and beyond. Lessons in grades K–2 emphasize the development of healthy media habits and learning how to be safe online. Lessons in grades 3–5 continue to focus on screen time and online safety. Older Eagles also learn how to recognize cyberbullying, what is and isn’t OK to share online, and how to find credible news and information. These lessons are self-paced and can be found in Clever throughout the year as assigned and also posted on each grade level's Technology Lab webpage.

As students advance to middle and high school, they continue to participate in relevant online safety lessons throughout the year, including cyber civics curriculum for every student in sixth grade and other presentations and activities across the curriculum.

Learn more about how you help your child grow as a digital citizen at home in the following areas: 

Avon Technology Lab