Calamity Days/School Closings

District Protocol for Calamity Days/School Closings

This is a review of our district protocol for decision-making and communication during calamity days so parents are aware of how to stay informed. Below are ways to stay informed:

  • Superintendent, Ben Hodge will post on twitter - @ben_hodge

  • Email and Automated Phone Messages will be sent to all guardians of the students affected by the closure

  • The District Website is updated with school(s) affected by the closure. Don’t forget to refresh the page if you are leaving it open and waiting for an update.

  • School closings via text messages to parents, students and staff who have signed up to receive text messages through SchoolMessenger. If you would like a text message as well, text the word “Y or Yes” to 67587.

Please note that the automated phone messaging system can be used for different types of notifications, so always be sure to listen to the message when it arrives.

As always, if there are any questions/concerns, please call or email.

Ben Hodge

Ben Hodge