Endowment Fund

Purpose and Description

The Avon Schools Educational Endowment Fund (ASEEF) represents a community-based organization designed to develop and provide a permanent source of supplemental funding for improving the quality of education. The funding provides a mechanism through which community resources can be allocated for worthwhile, non-required school programs. The ASEEF resources are not used to fund the basic school programs, but are for the enrichment and enhancement of education within the Avon Local School District in partnership with business, industry, and community.

Although funds are supported by numerous charitable gifts, a major source of revenue comes from the annual Avon Eagle Run. This family-friendly extravaganza features a 5-mile run, a 5-kilometer run/walk, and a 1-mile "Kids' Fun Run," -- held on the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend and hosted on the Avon High School campus. The Avon Eagle Run includes many other activities with music, food, fun, and prizes.

Two ASEEF funds (accounts) support the students of the Avon Local School District:

  • General Endowment Fund, founded in 1992 and dedicated for general programs and projects, and

  • Fine Arts Endowment Fund, founded in 1997 and dedicated to programs supporting the fine arts.

Both accounts have had a long tradition of support from teachers, parents, staff, administrators, alumni, local businesses, patrons, and community volunteers collaborating as enduring partners.

Grants and Scholarships

The Avon Schools Educational Endowment Fund utilizes available resources to award grants for unique projects and innovative programming as in the kinds and categories noted below:

  • enrichment through guest speakers

  • incentive and positive recognition programs

  • unique projects to enhance student learning

  • creative and innovative teaching methods

  • fine arts and performing arts programs

  • positive self-esteem and motivational curricula

  • academic excellence and service scholarships

  • parent education and awareness events

Submitted grant proposals are reviewed and evaluated by the Board of Trustees, and judged on the bases of innovation, number of students benefited, proposal needs, cost effectiveness, and program feasibility. Typically, the ASEEF Board of Trustees approves 20 to 25 grants per fiscal year and distributes requested resources accordingly.

Hundreds of grants and scholarships have been awarded, such as the following: Heritage Science Night, Accelerated Reading, Soaring with Science, Robotics First Lego League, Flat Stanley Project, Academic Challenge, Technology Initiatives, Chromebooks, Young Authors Program, Memory Book Project, Fitness through Dance, Shakespeare for High School Residency, Professional Guest Speakers, Thespian Workshops, PBIS Rewards and Coffee Carts Programming, Atmosphere Adventures, Handbells, Climate Change Project, Parent Seminars Series, Walk on Wednesdays, The Watershed Project, All Jazz Night, Drama Club Microphones, Ornament Creations, Avon Exploratory Program, Tech Robotics Project, Reading Is Fun, Academic and College Scholarships, Pizza for Writers, Kindness Rock Garden, Audio Books, LEGO Workshops, Makerspaces, Diving into Digital Storytelling, Anatomy Day, Sensory Stations, Classroom SEL Bins, Guided Reading Books, SOAR with Avon Pride Day, Bucket Fillers Initiative, and COSI on Wheels.

Grant Proposal Application: If you are interested in submitting a grant proposal to the Avon Schools Educational Endowment Fund, please click here. Completed proposal forms should be submitted to:

Administrative Assistant to Superintendent, Avon Board of Education, 36600 Detroit Rd., Avon, OH 44011 ~ (440) 937-4680

Gifts and Contributions

Over the decades, many community members and school associates have provided the Avon School Educational Endowment Fund with tax-deductible (1) general donations and (2) special memorial gifts in honor, recognition, and remembrance of friends and loved ones. To view a list of these contributors during the last recent years, please click here.

Considering donating to the Endowment Funds? Your tax-deductible gift is a perpetual investment in the future of Avon Local Schools and its students, and continues to grow in impact. You can contribute financially to the General Endowment Fund or the Fine Arts Endowment Fund through a one-time gift, ongoing charitable gifts, memorial donation(s), real estate, personal property, and securities with the students of Avon Local Schools benefiting from your kind generosity.

Information and Forms

  • All Donors: If you wish to make a contribution to the Endowment Funds, please click here.

  • Avon School Employees: If you wish to contribute via payroll deduction, please click here.

Governance and Oversight

The ASEEF's General Endowment Fund and Fine Arts Endowment Fund are components of and under the auspices of the Community Foundation of Lorain County, a 501(c)(3) organization and the first Community Foundation in our nation to establish School Endowment Funds.

Affiliated with the Avon schools and Avon community, a local Board of Trustees oversees the Avon endowment funding organization and abides by established by-laws and legal guidelines. Trustees volunteer to serve on the ASEEF Board, meeting every September and January for the purposes of (1) reviewing submitted grants, (2) collaborating on the distribution of available funds to grant, (3) conducting organizational business, and (4) evaluating relevant opportunities and program options.

Requests can be submitted to the ASEEF Board President by those patrons, school employees, and community members who wish to serve as a trustee or volunteer with the organization.

Board of Trustees Officers:

Denise Lysle – [email protected]

Liz Erskine – [email protected]

Albert Harsar – [email protected]

Board of Trustees Members:

Ben Hodge – [email protected]

Mike Ryan - [email protected]

Deb Suhay – [email protected]

Jason Sussman – [email protected]

Ryan Till – [email protected]

Stephanie Till – [email protected]

Upcoming Meeting Date:

January 23, 2024

Contact Us

We appreciate your support of the Avon schools and students, and your support of "Excellence in Education." Working together, our families, schools, and community can accomplish great things ~ now and in the years to come!

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