Donation of CPR/First Aid Kits

American Heart Association & Cleveland Browns donate
American Heart Association & Cleveland Browns donate CPR/First Aid kits
The American Heart Association and the Cleveland Browns teamed up to present American Heart Association CPR & First Aid Kits to the Avon Local Schools on behalf of the Cleveland Browns. Avon was selected because of its commitment to prioritizing health and safety. All Avon High School students learn CPR in health classes. The kits will further enhance instruction and provide extra resources. 

The kits include inflatable manikins, mats/kneel pads, instructional DVDs, face masks, AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training simulators, and other supplies. 

The Avon Local Schools also have 36 AEDs placed throughout the district including all school buildings, the Board of Education office, and athletic facilities. 

Thank you to the American Heart Association and the Cleveland Browns for your generous donation and commitment to raising awareness.