Concussion Testing Center



Click here for a message from Mr O'Leary for Instructions for taking the ImPACT Test 




Instructions for Taking the ImPACT Test

(Use a computer with a hand held mouse/Track Pad and Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer)

ImPACT cannot be administrated using an IPad/Phone of any kind!!

1. Open one of the above listed internet browsers

  • Make sure you turn off pop-up blocker under Tools

  1. Go to


  1. Enter Code: HFNXMNPCXF
  2. Avon High School Should Appear after clicking Validate
  3. Click “Launch Baseline Test”
  4. Click “English” then follow prompts and answer questions.
  5. Follow the rest of the prompts, answering all questions HONESTLY and trying your best at the test.
  6. When the test is complete and you get to the page that says “Print Confirmation,” click the X in the upper right corner to close the test.  You do not need to print confirmation. 

Test Tips


  • If you are connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi it must be a consistent connection.  Any interruption in connection will cause a fail.
  •  Work quickly, but accurately.  Do your best.  Do not take breaks or step away from the test.  The test is not able to be paused or saved at any point.
  • Turn OFF all Cell phones prior to test. No phones in sight or on vibrate
  • Make sure no other applications are open on the computer other than ImPACT
  • When it asks for number of years of education completed, freshmen will answer 8, sophomores 9, juniors 10, and seniors 11.
  • Current level of participation will be “high school”
  • Years of experience at this level will be 0 for freshmen, 1 for sophomore if they played as a freshman, 2 for a junior who played their freshman and sophomore years, etc.
  • When it asks for current symptoms, 1 will be least severe and 6 is greatest. If you feel normal you should put “not experiencing.”


About ImPACT

ImPACT is a 20-30 minute computer test developed to help sports-medicine clinicians evaluate multiple aspects of neurocognitive functioning following concussion.  You are taking a baseline test.  In the event you suffer a head injury, we may use this as a tool in deciding when it is safe for you to return to your sport.