The transportation policies of the Avon Board of Education are aimed at providing a safe, efficient, and economical method of getting students to and from school. It is the desire of the Avon Local School District that transportation be scheduled in a way that the best educational interest of the students can be served.

The safety and welfare of District students will be the first consideration in all matters pertaining to transportation. Details on bus safety as relating to safety precautions, weather conditions, passenger safety and emergencies, maintenance of operations, and related items of the transportation program are under Board Policy (File: EEAC).

The District furnishes transportation in compliance with State Law. This fact does not relieve parents of students from the responsibility of supervision until such time as the student boards the bus in the morning and after the student leaves the bus at the end of the school day.

Transportation FAQs


I cannot see my child's Bus Stop from our home. My stop is simply too far away from the house. What are the laws in regards to Bus Stop locations? 
Rule 3301-83-13 Pupils in grades Kindergarten through Eighth grade may be required to walk up to one-half mile to a designated stop. With that in mind, we attempt to designate stops near home or at nearby intersections.
How long before the Bus Stop Time should my student be outside in the morning? 
Avon Local Schools' District Policy is that students must be at the Bus Stop 5 minutes before their scheduled bus arrival time. 
My student has an I.E.P., but the Bus Stop is not at my home. Why is that?
IEPs are thorough educational tools, but unless there are specific Transportation
Services (215021) notations to deliver the student to their home, we use our regular routing system procedures.
Do I have to receive my student from the Bus Stop?
Avon Local Schools' District Policy is that Parents or Guardians must be at the bus stop. both AM and PM, for their Pre-K, Kindergarten, and East students. Grades 3 - 8 do not require a parent at the bus stop. If you are unable to be at the bus stop for Pre-K - 2, we do have waivers available below.
My student has enrolled at the Lorain County JVS, is there bussing to that school?
Yes, there is a group stop at the Avon Early Learning Center. Times for the route can be found in the Bus Route Section below:


Bus Routes UPDATED as of 8/14/2023

Bus Drawing

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