Student Chromebooks

For student use, Avon is primarily a Chromebook district. Chromebooks provide streamlined access to Google Workspace apps, such as Google Classroom and Google Drive, as well as the district Clever portal and numerous other educational apps. The use of Chromebooks within the classroom allows for many and varied opportunities for students to be active learners and read, research, collaborate, communicate, and create. In our experience, Chromebooks have also proven optimal for our students to access their learning for their technical strengths: they are lightweight but generally durable, have a healthy battery life, encrypt data securely, receive immediate security patches, perform a self-check on every boot to ensure all is operating well, and provide easy reset and recovery options if anything goes awry. We strongly recommend Chromebooks for student use for all of these reasons.

  • All students in kindergarten have access to school-owned Chromebooks and shared classroom iPads that will stay at school.
  • All students in grades 1-12 are expected to have an individual Chromebook.
  • Currently, students have the option to either be assigned a school-issued Chromebook or bring their own personal Chromebook. Note: Windows laptops and Macbooks are highly discouraged due to compatibility issues with school programs.
    • Students who bring personal devices will be added to the school wifi network.
    • If their personal device is Windows or Mac, the tech department may also need to and will install needed programs for the students to have full access to their curriculum. (If we are unsuccessful adding a curricular program to their personal device for any reason, then we will need to assign a school Chromebook for daily use.)
  • Students are expected to take care of their Chromebook at all times and to bring a fully charged device to school each day.
  • If your student experiences tech issues, please notify the teacher and the teacher will submit a help ticket on behalf of the student.

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